• The big freeze! IFB Agro is the largest manufacturer of 99% pure, odourless and colourless dry ice in Eastern India

  • Our Products

    3 and 16 mm PolarIce pellets
    15 kg PolarIce blocks

  • Our Clients

    Air Caterers
    Chemical Companies
    Ice-cream Parlours
    Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Dry ice is used in

    Bakeries—To cool dough while mixing
    Restaurants—For serving food with special visual effects
    Entertainment—To create on-stage fog and special effects

  • Transit refrigeration of vaccines, medicines and other temperature sensitive materials

Industrial usage of Dry ice

Dry ice and dustless Blasting specialists

Automotive, Aeronautical
Fire Damage, Petrochemical
Power Generation
Health & Hygiene

>>Dry ice Blasting

Handle with care

Keep dry ice out of reach of children use only under adult supervision.

Dry ice may cause skin and eye irritation, frostbite or burn.

Dry ice is harmful if ingested

Use dry ice only in well-ventilated area.

Do not place dry ice in direct contact with perishable food or bottled/canned beverages.