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  • HS Code -23033000
  • Description: IFB Newgen DDGS, RICE (ANIMAL FEED GRADE)
  • Packages / sizes available: PKD IN BOPP BAGS EACH OF 50 KGS.
  • Other Details: As per Invoice & PLS.
  • Effect of Feeding IFB Agro's Rice DDGS
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Newgen DDGS

Ingredient for Poultry, Aqua,
Cattle and Swine Feed

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Powerpacked DDGS—Distiller's Dried Grain Solubles

DDGS is a by-product of grain based distillery. In alcohol production, starch is fermented to obtain ethyl alcohol. The remaining components of the grain preserve much of the original nutritional value of the grain, including energy, protein, phosphorous. These nutritional components have conventionally been incorporated into animal feed. The feed is further enriched with amino acids and vitamins produced by the use of yeast in the process.

IFB Newgen DDGS™ has great potential value to lower cost in various animal feed rations. It has various benefits.
  • High protein 40–42%. High energy 3400–3800 Kcal/kg. High and favourable amino acids profile
  • Single feed raw material—broken rice
  • Phytic acid control in our DDGS increases digestibility
  • Low anti-nutritional factors
  • Fermentation contributes, 3-5% dried yeast cells to the DDGS, which provides Vitamin B complex, promote palatability and increase feed consumption
  • The phosphorus present in DDGS lowers the requirement of addition of di calcium phosphate and thus reduces cost of ration in the feed
  • Contains 7–8% fat which is an excellent source of linoleic acid and energy
  • Distillery process is free from the use of sulfuric acid, this makes the product inorganic Sulphur free and eliminates chances of nutritional problems in ruminant diets
  • Contains low moisture and is thus free from all pathogenic fungi, bacteria and salmonella
  • Longer shelf life
Feed Supplement of the Future

The installation of a dryer based on the state-of-the-art low temperature fluidised bed drying process, together with PLC based operation, preserves all nutritional values in the final rice-based IFB Newgen DDGS™ product.

The advantage of technology
  • Asia's first DDGS plant with unique fluidised bed drying system
  • Fully automated drying plant with less manual involvement
  • Drying bed temperature is precisely controlled and always maintained below 70°C to avoid burning/denaturing of the DDGS/protein, which is not possible in conventional steam tube dryers
  • Owing to low temperature drying, the Acid Detergent Insoluble Nitrogen (ADIN) of IFB Newgen DDGS™ is always lower (0.7%) compared to that of other drying technologies, which signifies higher digestibility
  • IFB Newgen DDGS™ always contains higher digestible protein in comparison with any other drying technology
Soya Meal Vs IFB Newgen DDGS™
By-product of the soya bean oil industry By-product of the grain based alcohol industry, made with advanced technology
Exposed to high temperature 105ºC, which will result in deterioration of protein and other nutritional content Exposed to 70°C maximum temperature—the DDGS production keeps nutritional value consistent
Does not contain pro-biotic nutritional factors Contains pro-biotic nutritional factors, created during fermentation
Exposed to chemical solvents such as Hexene during oil extraction Not exposed to harmful chemicals during processing
Contains anti-nutritional factors such as Trypsin Does not contain any major anti-nutritional factors
The protein of choice for the feed industry
  • FAT

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The New Generation High Quality DDGS Get Brochure