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Aquaculture healthcare products AQUASHOP product stock
  • Bleaching Kills bacteria, fungus, as well as unwanted and pathogenic biota.
  • Dolomite Lime with magnesium. Enhances the pond pH and mineral availability.
  • EDTA Optimises chemical impurities in the pond water.
  • H2O2 Immediately releases oxygen and reduces stress in shrimps in case of disturbed conditions.
  • LSP Enhances pH.
  • Virkon Aquatic A disinfectant that can eradicate pathogenic organisms.
  • Yeast Ferments organic juices and stimulates primary productivity in ponds.
  • Raw Minerals Magnesium Chloride, Calcium Chloride, Potassium Chloride, Sodium Bicarbonate.
  • WSSV Kit Provides accurate and timely detection of viruses.
  • Bird String, Crab Nets Ensure bio-security.
  • Spiral Aerators, Paddle Wheels Provide good aeration and maintain optimum DO (Dissolved Oxygen).
  • Sludge Remover Helps remove toxic wastes from the bottom of the pond during the culture period.
The one-stop solution for aquaculture practices
  • SPF Seed, CPF Feed, AHCP Probiotics and Minerals
  • Aquaculture Equipment
  • Lab Analysis
  • Technical Support
  • Good Yield
  • Processing Plant
  • Happy Farmer
Aquaculture healthcare products CPF India products
  • A Soil Stimulates moulting.
  • Super PS Keeps pond bottom and water healthy.
  • pH Fixer Concentrated strain of beneficial bacillus bacteria, which stabilises the pond pH balance.
  • Super Biotic Concentrated strain of beneficial bacillus bacteria. An efficient probiotic.
  • Zymetin Maintains healthy pond bottom.
  • Sodamix Maintains osmoregulation in shrimps and regulates moulting.
  • Cal Mag Maintains osmoregulation in shrimps and regulates moulting.
  • K Max Maintains osmoregulation in shrimps and mineral availability to the shrimps.
  • C 150 Phosphate coated Vitamin C. High stability and high resistance to oxidation.
  • Mutagen High quality minerals with multivitamins, amino acids and immune enhancers.
  • Sea Fresh Specialised sodium derivatives with oxygen boosters and stabilisers.
Aquaculture healthcare products Bio-products
  • BioCid Gut Health Organic acids and buffers with a guaranteed acidity of 82%. Acidifies the gastrointestinal tract.
  • BioGut Probiotic Will prevent pathogenic challenges during the culture period and adds growth with reduced FCR.
  • BioPro Water and Soil Probiotic Destroys the luminescent vibrio without causing any damage to the shrimp and fish.
  • BioSeize Healthy Bottom Helps in maintaining clean and healthy pond bottom by oxidising the debris.
  • BioLife DO Enhancer Helps in free moulting and reduces post moulting stress in shrimps.
  • BioMin Minerals Perfect combination of micro and macro minerals. Maintains osmoregulation, acid base balance and facilitates complete moulting.
  • BioBind Feed Binder Increases digestibility and palatability of feed.
  • BioProtect 80 High performing, biodegradable disinfectant and sanitiser that prevents the pathogenic agents that cause diseases.
Success with 3C concept

as per CPF guidelines

Clean Pond Bottom

  • Maintaining 10% pond area as shrimp toilet.
  • Daily suction, drain out of sludge from nursery pond and every 10–20 minutes in grow out pond after 30 DOC.
  • Proper feed management.

Clean, Clear Water

  • Good mineralisation, probiotics, good plankton, protection from temperature.
  • Suitable aeration @1 HP/150–200 kg biomass.
  • Maintenance of reservoir and treatment ponds with >30% area.
  • Proper water exchange. Nursery system.

Clean Seed

  • Should be SPF seed (Specific Pathogen Free). It should be PCR tested for the absence of OIE (World Animal Health Organisation) listed diseases before stocking.
Helping the community grow

BMPs Clean seed, clean water and clean pond bottom mean a sustainable harvest and happy farming community.

Biosecurity prevents vectors such as mammals, birds, crabs and pathogenic contamination.

Disinfection of equipment and manpower eradicates all sorts of infections.

Nursery System maintains the environment and reduces production costs up to 30 DOC.

Shrimp Toilet, regular removal of toxic wastes in the pond bottom increases shrimp health and maintains good FCR.

Aeration cleans the pond water and bottom by oxidising toxic substances.

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How IFB Aquashops can help you
  • With all sorts of inputs for shrimp culture, such as Seed, Feed, Probiotics, AHCP and many more.
  • Easily get water, soil and shrimp tested in our laboratory.
  • IFB Aquashops stock some special products such as Test and Virus Detection Kits, which can be used to ensure healthy prawns.
  • Regular seminars are held at our Aquashops for making farmers aware of the latest culture regulations adopted by statutory bodies. We also provide information on technology development and best practices.
  • We have all the information on products, prices and grade trends that you may need.
  • IFB Aqua Shops are here to help farmers with insurance and bank loans.