DISA—Development of Integrated and Sustainable Aquaculture

DISA is partnership between Solidaridad South & South East Asia
and IFB Agro for farmers practising sustainable aquaculture.

Helping the community grow

  • BMPs

    Clean seed, clean water and clean pond bottom mean a sustainable harvest and happy farming community.

  • Biosecurity

    Prevents vectors such as mammals, birds, crabs and pathogenic contamination. Disinfection of equipment and manpower eradicates all sorts of infections.

  • Nursery System

    Maintains the environment and reduces production costs up to 30 DOC.

  • ShrimpToilet

    Regular removal of toxic wastes in the pond bottom increases shrimp health and maintains good FCR.

  • Aeration

    Cleans the pond water and bottom by oxidising the toxic substances.

  • How DISA works

    Of all the aqufarmers registered in a region, one is selected to head the group. He/she is trained in the latest technological advancements, best aquaculture practices and informed about international shrimp pricing trends, developments in global aquaculture and more by IFB Agro in partnership with Solidaridad South & South East Asia.

DISA aims at setting global standards and helps farmers achieve them

1Collect Producer’s Group into legal entities

2Select and train farmers who will lead and train PGs

3PGs attain international certifications for their farms

  • Cooperative societies
  • NaCSA registered Aqua Societies
  • Capacity building societies
  • Technical training sessions
  • Preparedness assessment by internal audit team
  • Final audit by external auditor