Development of Integrated
and Sustainable Aquaculture

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IFB Agro has partnered with Solidaridad, a global organisation with 45 + years experience in facilitating the adoption of sustainable aquaculture practices and ASC/BAP certification for shrimp farms in Bengal.

What is Disa?

A partnership between Solidaridad South & South East Asia and IFB Agro to help farmers in sustainable aquaculture earn international market recognition. Thus improving their livelihoods in the Contai region of West Bengal.

Ground Realities

The project area is—
Purba Medinipur,
West Bengal,

How Disa works

Farmers will be registered. One Lead Farmer will be selected to head the group who, in turn, will be trained in the latest technological advances, best practices of aquaculture and also informed about international shrimp pricing trends, developments in global aquaculture and more.

DISA aims at setting global standards and helping farmers to achieve them
  • To form 10 groups of 50 farmers each and work with them all through the season, trying to get them ASC certified in 3 years so that they can connect to international high-end niche markets and get better prices for their products.
  • To improve the quality of pond water and pond bottoms and so produce healthier shrimp.
  • To develop a sustainable ASC/BAP certified shrimp supply chain model.
  • To help develop prawns according to market requirements.
  • To help build groups of farmers in select farm cluster areas of the Purba Medinipur district of West Bengal, who will work to make their farms eligible for international certification.
  • To make the work less labour-intensive for the farmers while improving productivity and profitability through access to state-of-the-art farming tools.
  • To give them guidance on quality seed selection, feed management and technical services.
  • To introduce farmers to concepts such as traceability and highlight its benefits.
  • To ensure that the producers' group fetches premium pricing, as compared to existing market rates in view of the certifications and adoption of best in class aquaculture practices.

Solidaridad Network Asia is carrying out such sustainability assignments in 57 countries wherein they enable individuals to address and find solutions to their issues collectively by forming groups.

IFB Agro, their exclusive partner, will drive execution of this project at ground level by mobilising a dedicated and efficient technical team of 25 members in earmarked cluster areas of Purba Medinipur, West Bengal.

What the Group will achieve
  • Under the guidance of IFB and the lead farmer, the Group will work towards a better means of prawn cultivation.
  • Farmers will better their livelihoods through the cultivation of better quality prawns.
  • The Group's produce will be certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council.
  • IFB will help the Group through the implementation of best practices in aquaculture.
  • IFB Agro will provide them with the best feed and seed to enable them to raise the quality of their produce.
  • IFB Agro will facilitate introductions to buyers.
  • Their produce will also be bought back by IFB Agro to form part of the Company's marketed brands.
  • Project DISA will provide a more satisfying farming experience and a better lifestyle.