100% Natural
Environment Friendly
Rich in Nutrients
Certified as per FCO (1985)

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Produced naturally from plant and animal biomass. Give new life to your soil with IFB Organic Manure.

IFB Nabajivan—Organic Manure
The Roots Of Soil Fertility And Productivity

IFB Organic Manure is dark brown in colour, almost granular in nature and is produced from plant biomass and animal excreta through microbial decomposition. It contains no pathogens and has no foul odour. IFB Organic Manure is helpful in the development of the physical, chemical, physicochemical and biological properties of soil. It is a plentiful source of carbon and essential plant nutrients, thereby contributing to soil fertility and sustainable agriculture, in order to keep farmers smiling for years.

An Advanced System of Manure Preparation—Large Scale Passive Aeration Turned Method

This method of composting prepares excellent quality organic manure using a variety of biological materials as per FCO (1985).

  • The Preparation Process
    Raw materials such as cow dung, poultry litters, crop residues and unprocessed biological materials are piled. Microbial cultures are added as decomposers. These piles are periodically turned by a tractor drawn turner. Turning mixes the materials, enhances passive aeration and enables aerobic decomposition. A large open area is used, part of which is floored with concrete. Where there is no concrete flooring, polythene shade and sheets prevent leaching loss.
  • Turning Technology
    A moving rotovator elevator table chain, equipped with sharp teeth, powered by a tractor driven power takeoff, is used. This arrangement lifts and drops the materials, mixing them thoroughly for consistent quality.
  • Turning Schedule
    Frequency of turning depends on the rate of decomposition, moisture content, material porosity and desired composting time.

    Week 1—1 turning every day
    Week 2—3 turnings a week
    Week 3—2 turnings a week
    Week 4+—1 turning every day if heating still occurs

    The composting efficiency and product quality are based on two major factors—the initial compost mixture and management. Further developments are planned through the addition of the Windrows Machine.
Turning Benefits
  • Reduces time and labour
  • Mixes the materials thoroughly
  • Produces uniform organic manure
IFB Nabajivan VS Other Branded / Non-branded Organic Manures
Parameter IFB Nabajivan Organic Manure Branded / Non-branded Organic Manures
Organic Carbon High Low
NPK As per FCO Low
Physical Nature Free flow Lumpy
Smell No smell Foul smell
Heavy Metal As per FCO High
A boost like no other for your crops

The unique composition of IFB Organic Manure helps to develop soil health and activate the host defence mechanism against disease and pests. 100% natural ingredients ensure consistent quality. Rich in carbon. Free from unusual foul odours.

Spreading the Seeds of Prosperity
  • Field Crops
    Before ploughing, so that it gets ample time to mix with the soil.
  • Horticultural Crops
    For initial plantation, applied in a pit and mixed thoroughly with the soil.
  • Standing Plantation Crops
    IFB Organic Manure should be applied at least 0.5–1 m or more (as per age of the plant) away from the base of the plant, making a trench at least 20 cm deep and 30 cm wide. IFB Organic Manure must be mixed with the trench soil and, if possible, with other applied fertilisers. Similarly, it can be applied to standing fruits, vegetables and medicinal plants.